Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Nightmare Whale

Just a doodle left in my mate's sketch pad. Finally got my hands on it again.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Explorer

Another character, though his role has not been decided upon. Classic British Lord of the manor type, with a library of tales of daring-do and a moustache as big as an albatross.

The Robot

Obviously the boy needs a sidekick, and in this instance he happens upon a steam-powered space robot from an ancient sky-galleon!

The Boy

As a nice break, and as an excuse not to do any work, Alex and I decided to start writing an illustrated children's book, though so far only these pictures have surfaced. This is a prelimenary for our hero, a Link-ish collander-headed little scamp.

Friday, 21 March 2008


Originally envisioned as a guy sitting next to a gramophone. And this is what happened.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Mountain King

Another for Austin

Bad Santa

The scanner is too small for my thick pad...

I did this about 2 christmases ago whilst living in a house with some freinds and a nazi. I think this sums up my feelings at the time.

Rabbit doodles

fooling about with a 2B

Cliffside House

In the last week I've been reading through Nausicaa, of the Valley of Wind. I've read comics before, but this one is taking me so long because I spend a good 5 minutes staring at each frame. This was the end result of a bunch of (eventually) crappy sketches of landscapes.

Acrylic and Ink (Inkrylic)

Acrylic paints make a great frame for doodling on. I'll be trying this again. Dedicated to Austin, for his birthday.

Monday, 3 March 2008

A bit of a collaborative effort from me and my main home-dog Eric Ho. The one on the right here, that is the vomiting thumb, is mine. Eric added to the opposite (above) page afterwards with his contribution. In short, I've stolen his entire page and fobbed it off as my own. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ART ERIC.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Battling Seizure Robot XATM4-52

Robots are great, aren't they? They're like Bob Marley- nobody dislikes them, rather those who don't think they're awesome just don't care. Nobody hates Bob Marley.

It ended up a bit less graceful than I intended, so I suppose the top tadpole unit could come off and fly about, or swim. The bottom half just stomps around hurting things.

Happy Birthday Gavin

If you'd been born in March this present would be on time- but no, you had to go and be born in January didn't you?

A lot of my comics tend to end in either explosions or some kind of bloodbath, so I thought I'd go for the classic "blinding scrotum aliens with an arse" ending.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Irritable Seal and Sexy Lamp

Business Plan

Someday we will make a business.
There will be fine ales, fine foods and a projector screen with mariokart.


Sunday, 3 February 2008


For Clarkie's little bro.

The Humans Are Dead

Here is a picture of a robot. I think I'd been playing Half Life 2 a bit at the time, especially Portal Mod, so I can see how that influenced me. Not much to say on this one other than it's a killing machine.
Don't try to reason with it.
Don't try to fight it.
Don't try to outwit it (It has a robot heart of pure logical silicon).

Radio Soulwax

A few months ago some freinds went to a Radio Soulwax gig at Chibuku. I don't know why I didn't go in retrospect. I couldv'e been at work that night, or maybe I was put off by the £16 price tag. The fact that I'd never heard their music before probably contributed too.
The night, I'm told, was all good until aa few bouncers decided to remove the Soulwax drummer from the stage by force, resulting him getting a mouthfull of snare drum and a kick in the arse from the overzealous failed-boxer that the bouncer no doubt was.
Things went bad, and my freinds left as multiple bomber-jacket clad trolls rushed the stage to remove some of the band for what I later learned was caused by one of the band members telling security to stop shoving kids around in the front row.
Alex wrote an article for the student newspaper and asked me to do some artwork for it. The article is here (currently working out some html):

Here We Go

As an introductory post I can't provide much- I finally got around to creating a blog which, as an internetian* I should have done long ago. I had a blog for a while when I was about 14 where I'd write the odd thing about myself that I thought the internet would be interested in.
However, it quickly became apparent that the internet doesn't give a crap what I think so I stopped. Also I was lazy.

So here is my new blog, designed to let me host my "artwork" as and when I decide to ever do any- which I should, since stuying science has strangled my creative glands. I might also throw an opinion in here now and again so feel free to argue back, or flame- whatever brings you the most pleasure.


*an individual who uses the internet more than [s]he should.